Do You Feel Utterly šŸ’© At Marketing Your Business?

Is this you...

  • You've built a beautiful website but still NO customers
  • You've done one of those free webinar things but still NO customers
  • You feel like you know absolutely nothing about marketing and desperately need some sort of direction and help because you've got NO customers?

Two things I need to tell you right away...

First, I know your mind monkey is telling you that you and your product is shit and that's why people aren't buying it but I'm here to tell you that is not the reason why they aren't buying.

Second, the reason they aren't buying is because you have very likely skipped over a good few steps in your marketing plan that are ESSENTIAL for creating customers that buy.

AND the reason you have missed these steps is either because no one has actually shown them to you or you are terrified of actually doing those steps...

Sound familiar? Keep reading.

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Ok, Ok I'm pushing the damn button!

The steps I'm talking about are...

all around your content creation sweetie. Everyday you absorb everyone else's content, you can't avoid it, it's everywhere you look and when you're still trying to find your own vibe that can be a bit of a cock blocker.

And yes I did just use that term, so if you are easily offended or that's not your vibe I suggest you click away now.

It's super easy to compare yourself to what you are seeing around you and if you let it, it will stop you in your tracks because you will begin to deem yourself "not good enough".

I've put this challenge together because I want to show you how you are getting it so wrong. I'm going to show you some of the core fundamentals around marketing that took me a decade to learn. Yes A DECADE!!!

During our 5 days together I'm skipping over all the fancy shit and showing you the marketing basics that has generated multi 6 figures in my business.

And yes I am giving you absolute permission to be the baddest basic bitch throughout that week. In fact, it's fucking essential. Why? Well, with this knowledge you'll never have to second guess yourself again because you will know how to identify to good from the bad and the down right ugly

You can't grow an audience that loves you when you are hiding from yourself

You can't do things like everyone else because you are not like everyone else

Only when you create magnetic content that works will you be able to target those buying customers

Build your core knowledge and you'll never struggle to audience build again

Hey Darling,  

Hi, Iā€™m Sam Bearfoot, a Business Creativity Mentor to Course Creators and I have created and successfully sold to more than five thousand customers online, which has generated enough cash for me and my family to live life on our terms worry free.

I've been in the online space for over fifteen year with the first ten of those being in a totally different business within the health industry. I have a global follower network spread across all platforms and building audiences that generates income is pretty much my thing.

My audience will tell you, "she's as down to earth and straight talking as they come and she loves an F Bomb or 2" and they aren't wrong!

Much love, Sam x

MMIF Sam Bearfoot

So What Are Ya Getting Exactly?

Let's Dive Into the I'm šŸ’© at Marketing Challenge

Over the course of 5 days I'm going to give you daily tasks and action points Live from a private Facebook group. This week I want you to forget all you've been told. All that monkey mind has been grilling you about and get ready to hit the reset button.

We will be diving in as follows:

  • Day 1 - Let's get niche dirty
  • Day 2 - Your marketing magic
  • Day 3 - Create like a badass
  • Day 4 - Don't work so hard Boo!
  • Day 5 - Check your score cards