Instagram Reels are fresh AF right now...

and you wanna use em but...

You seen all the dancing and the pointing and you're like....I ain't doing that!!

BUT Reels have invaded your business brain and you wanna know how you can use them in a way that will compliment your brand and not make you look like a total prat!

I got you Boo 😘

Lemme guess...

You've given em a go and you initial thoughts are a little something like this:

  • Reels are sooooo time consuming?
  • How the hell do you SELL using Reels?
  • You can't work out how to make the words pop up?
  • You're an introvert and Reels just scare the crap outta you?
  • You want to be original AF but your brain is having a creative meltdown and doesn't wanna play...

Let's Make Reels REAL Easy Shall We?

I'm going to have a guess here and say that you have one of 2 problems? You either can't get your head around the tech OR it's the creativity side of things that's the problem.

Either way, I've got you covered with a Tech Toolkit or some Creativity Tutorials!

What's Inside the Tech Toolkit!

If tech is your issue, the Tech Toolkit is going to walk you through what you need to get your going confidently.

  • Reels Walk Through Tutorial
  • How to share your Reel to your Story
  • Where are all your Reels stored?
  • How to save a Reel after posting
  • How to make your text disappear
  • How to do a transition
  • How to make a seamless video

What's Inside the Creativity Replay Hub!

If Creativity around Reels is your stuck point, you have access to all the replays from my Creativity Challenges. These include walkthroughs and tasks to get your juices flowing and include replays on:

  • Green Screen Tutorial
  • CTAs with Reals for sales and lead generation
  • Tips and tricks to make you look "pro-fesh" straight out the gate
  • And much more...

Then We Have The Ideas Bank

Last but not least we have the ideas the goodies inside the ideas bank...

  • A download of 30 Fresh AF Ideas to get you going in the beginning
  • A video tutorial from me on how to get your first Reel done and how you align your marketing pillars to it.

You Ready To Dive In Sugar?

Hey Darling,  

My name is Sam and I'm known for my outspoken style and zero fucks attitude online hence why they call me the Leader of the Zero Fucks Squad.

When you see my name pop up in your feed, you'll come to expect either an F bomb, something hilarious or hard hitting facts and if you’re real lucky you’ll get all 3 at the same time. That is my the vibe and my people love it.

I've been in the online space for the past 15yrs with the first 10yrs within the health industry. During that time I discovered that marketing your business online wasn’t as easy as all the gurus made out and you are definitely not taught how to do these things when you first step out with your business.

I closed my successful health business because Motherhood stepped into the arena and it no longer served me in my new role but I followed straight up with turning my attention to helping others release their inner business badass.

I am that no nonsense business bestie you wish you had met a long time ago. I keep it super real regardless of who that might offend because telling it how it actually is rather than sugar coating it is the corner stone of my brand.   

Much love

Sam x

Oh and I've racked up well over 2 MILLION views with Reels...😇