So you wanna make more sales from your socials...

Because what's the point in using social media otherwise right?

So, here's the thing... You've either bought or are thinking about buying one of those $27 social prompts bundles you keep seeing up and down your timeline. I mean it makes sense to, they are promising a magical solution to getting leads, sales and engagement from your social media.

But there's a problem, something that's holding you back from grabbing this magic wand BS...

1 - You're not interested in using someone else's templates in your business. You want to be able to create authentic social media content that oozes your vibe and badassery.


2 - You want the solution to the actual fucking problem and not some band aid approach to what's stopping you from blowing up your messages with leads and sales ON A DAILY because that's what the internet gurus promised you isn't it?

Lemme cover something real quick...

I know you feel like you've tried it all, you've done all the damn things but you're still coming up with nothing.

👉 No leads

👉 No engagement

👉 Not even some random Indian dude offering you his hand in marriage FFS

And you've told yourself more than once that you are SHIT AT THIS and just want to throw in the towel.

I'm here to tell you, there is no Harry Potter patronus (that's a spell for those who don't know about Harry Potter) that magically creates sales but lemme tell you what does...

"Consistency combined with crystal clear messaging and a boat load of YOU thrown in for shits and giggles"

Look, I know you're probably here because my content brought you here and you want the same skills for your business.

I also know that if someone said my name to you, you're connection to my name is one of the following:

😘She teaches me social media stuff

😘She's funny

😘She's zero BS and says it how it is!

Now what if I told you that the reason you thought one of those is because I designed it that way AND I can teach you how to create the same affect on your audience...

Ladies and Gents lemme introduce you to The Content Engine

The Content Engines job in a nutshell is to help you create social media content that converts at any time and on any platform. How does it do that, lemme show ya...

Foundations - You can't build anything solid without solid foundations. Knowing WHY you need to create content and WHAT topics are relevant is often a lesson that is overlooked because it's not as sexy as say learning how create fun looking graphic. But, it's those very lesson's that has allowed me to design what you think and know me and it's one of the very first skills you are shown inside The Content Engine.

Consistency - Would "You're not consistent with your social media because you literally have no idea what to post" be a pretty true statement for you? This problem is known as the curse of knowledge and it stops you from creating because you don't know how to simplify that beautiful brain of yours. You're audience don't know as much as you, so you have to roll it back for them and the method I show you inside The Content Engine does this, this is why I never run out of content ideas and neither will you.

Smarter Not Harder - Look I know you're busy and the likelihood of you having time to create oodles of social media content is slim but what if you didn't have to? What if you could learn the art of repeating yourself without repeating yourself for MAXIMUM exposure on multiple platforms? Inside The Content Engine are specific roadmaps to help you do just this.

You wanna jump on in, I like you're style....SMASH THIS BUTTON

What's Inside Then Sam?

The Content Engine has the pretty special ability to free you from your own internal BS around content creation. I believe content creation should be fun and easy while converting into those all important leads and sales.

The Content Engine is made up of various rooms that you dive into methodically so that you can build your knowledge in the right way and the first of those rooms is The Kitchen...and sales for your business. I grew my business to 6 figures but using organic content and I'm going to show you how to do the exact same thing...

The Kitchen!

The Kitchen is going to get your ready to cook up an absolute STORM with your content as it contains various guides and training as follows:

Choosing Your Fuel - This area is help you to identify your zone of genius when it comes to content creation. Choosing the thing you love most is where you should prioritize your time and creative energy when you first start out.

Marketing Pillars - Can you honestly say that if you asked your audience what you did they would answer correctly? Without knowing what your pillars are, your content messaging and brand building will become sketchy, confusing and will ultimately not work. This training will help you define your pillars which will turn your content into an unshakable brand message and help you stand out as the expert.

Content Cake - Tired of trying to say the same thing over and over and you feel like you are starting to sound like a broken record? You need a little cake in your life. I'm going to show you how cake can help you with your content planning for effective messaging that converts into customers WITHOUT repeating yourself!

Marketing Sandwich - Ever wonder how me making a complete idiot of myself helps me make money in my business? Well that all comes down to having an effective marketing sandwich strategy that encompasses both my marketing pillars and my content cake! Extra jam anyone?

The Engine Room

By the time you get to this room, you should know your fuel and how to use it effectively. Now it's time to put your foot to the floor and make a little more noise!

The Engine Room contains road maps that will show you how to maximise your content according to your preferred choice of content (aka fuel) for example if you're a podcaster, choose the Podcast engine and it will give you a range of repurposing options on what you can do with that content to ensure it's used to it's fullest potential.

There are currently 7 Engines which include, Podcasting, Blog, Live Stream, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Content should be evergreen and zero waste and The Engine Room will help you achieve that thus giving you an even greater visibility reach.

The Dojo

The Dojo is where you'll get a full upgrade on social media tech skills! From platform walkthroughs to apps and software to help bring your content creativity to life, you'll walk into the Dojo a novice but leave a fully fledged Social Media Tech Ninja!

In the words of John Kreese of Cobra Kai, "fear does not exist in this Dojo"!

"Hey, I’m Ronja Sakata (met the best Japanese guy 20years ago) and my friends call me Queen of Joy. My business was a big mess, before I met Sam. So many topics in my Joy Academy, two languages and my podcast… I mainly didn’t post besides personal stuff, because I was simply overwhelmed. So Sam Bearfoot, I call her «sensei» which means master, teacher and mentor in Japanese stepped in. (I mean in The Content Engine there is the Dojo, where we practice the material art of social mediaaa : ))

First step: Separate these Swiss German and English, so you can focus on one on each profile. Boom. How did it never occur to me, that the mix is so confusing! Next: Content clarity. You need to choose three pillars. WHAT? Only three?? Now I FINALLY nailed it.

Everything is possible for sure with Sam-sensei as my 1:1 VIP-Coach… I did the self study TCE first, but as my executive strengths are like ZERO I decided that I need extra kicks in my ass, so I upgraded my plan. If you are not booking 1:1 coaching, you can enjoy Sam’s wisdom and laser focus superspeed analytical mind in the Content Clinic Calls, soooo you are in the best hands either way. Can you tell? I love my sensei. I love in your face direct feedback and no fuss. But Sam is also very kind and uplifting, encouraging… because I need that too… : ). Well, why wait. Join our wonderful squad and bring your social media to another level. I’m all in with you in the game! I want GROWTH and SALES :) and now I know how I can persuade and influence my followers with a clear message. Wohooooo!!"

Ronja Sakata, Queen of Joy & Owner of the Joy Accademy

The Sales Suite

Now that you've got the content essentials down, it's time to get the sales system in place.

Inside the Sales Suite you'll a walkthrough tutorial that is going to show your some examples of great social media that SELLS.

As well as a download of 60 CTAs for Social Media so that you don't repeat the same CTA over and over. I'm sharing some examples of selling done well to inspire you as awell as some templates so you can get selling right away!

Note: that The Sales Suite remains closed for the first 7 days upon entry to The Content Engine. This is because you should be focusing on the other areas first before diving into the selling section.

You Heard Enough Already? Let's Do This...

The Content Engine investment starts from £50pm with the extended payment plan with lifetime!!

As a special bonus this summer, you'll also be granted access to The Content Clinics for the next 3 months which is are monthly Zoom style Q&A hot seats with me worth £207!!

And FREE access to the brand new Video Template Engagement Bundle worth £99!!

The Content Engine Doors Close In...

Join The Squad!

New Bonus Added!!

I'm adding in my brand new Video Template Engagement Bundle worth £99 for FREE! Instagram just announced they are prioritizing video content over and images so I've put this bundle togeher to help you with some work around tools if you struggle to create video content. And although this is designed for Instagram, a lot of what's inside will actually work with your other socials to! Here's what's inside:

  • 60 CTAs for Social Media so that you never run out of CTA options EVER
  • 65 Engaging Social Prompts, for those days when you need a little inspo in your life
  • 50 Editable Canva Video Templates. 25 shaped in square for your feed and other social platforms and 25 shaped in vertical for Stories and Reels. These templates are your work around and will give you the option to turn your images into videos thus cracking the Instagram algorithm.
  • 10 x Editable Canva Reels Covers so you can still have that on brand feel on your feed when you start posting Reels.
  • A video tutorial on exactly how you can fully edit your templates to match your business and brand.
  • 5 Software Solutions That'll Make Content Creation Life Easier.

Here are some of my previous clients

"During a single one-to-one session, Sam called out my internal bullshit and encouraged me to freakin' OWN my #ambitiousAF ways. Getting that kind of rocket up the bum via The Content Engine was a no-brainer. Before working with Sam, I was keeping my guard up on social media. I wasn't being the truest (and imperfect) version of myself. And, worst of all, I was filtering my content - from the beautiful stock images I was putting out, the perfectly curated chequerboard feed. I realised that I couldn't encourage my trainees to take imperfect action when I wasn't embracing this myself. I needed to inject more personality into my content, and I knew I needed some help. Joining The Content Engine was a complete no-brainer. I knew I would benefit from Sam's clever brain on all things marketing and socials, but I also desperately wanted to find a community, a safe space, where I could share ideas, ask for support, and learn from other like-minded business owners. OMMAGOSH, The Content Engine has all of that and more. I've been so fucking impressed by both the content, the training and the friendships I've gone on to make. Since signing up, I've started using Sam's content formula and even though I'm actually posting MORE content, I feel calmer, more in control and not at all overwhelmed or under pressure. This is a far cry from how much self-imposed pressure there was when I was maintaining the perfect grid! My followers (and email subscribers) are creeping up, and I know that my content marketing strategy is complementing my wider marketing strategy. In the last 30 days alone, my Instagram stats are: Impressions - up 43.3% Accounts reached - up 36.6% Content interactions - up 33.7% Followers - up 14% Website taps - up 33.8% And I am damn sure it's because I'm being more authentic, less salesy, less filtered, and more ME!"

Victoria Tretis,  OBM Coach, Mentoring for Ambitious VAs

"Sam Bearfoot and The Content Engine Testimonial As someone who was new to content creation- I always had plenty of ideas, but no execution plan. I had crippling anxiety about any kind of video-type content where I would feature, and horrible self doubt about whether or not what I wanted to do with my content was even worth it. I worried whether what I had to say would even be worthwhile for people to hear and- I would ruminate and consistently self sabotage my business goals, which basically left me as a chronic sideline watcher- with zero participation. Since coming into the world and mind of the incredible, Sam Bearfoot- I’ve gone from a faceless meme poster, to someone with a content plan, ideas that flow and get out to the world, showing up on video with ease, and actually enjoying the process! I’ve discovered a level of confidence in myself and my message- which, to be honest, even surprised me. I have an understanding of the creation process, as Sam’s teaching style is one that encompasses every level of creator- from before the beginning (which is basically where I was)- to the advanced (who still see drastic improvements in their work, engagement, understanding and confidence!) Since being in The Content Engine with Sam-I have begun to show up in a way I’d only ever dreamed of- and all the while she is encouraging and inspiring me to keep reaching higher, as she continues to provide teachings and support that’s adaptable across the ever growing and changing platforms. Sam teaches you the absolute fundamentals of successful content, and is able to help extrapolate each person’s core business and self values. That way, the content produced by members here on out, hits the eyes and hearts of their intended audience, and also in an impactful manner. I’ve learned things I didn’t even know were pivotal parts of content creation, grown my following, made incredible connections with my audience- and within the group, made friendships that will for sure be long lasting. Sam curates and fosters a community there, of likeminded souls who also help teach, encourage and inspire you! That’s definitely an added bonus of this membership! I am planning on upgrading to the VIP membership next round because- if this is the level where the basic membership has got me- I know that more personalised tuition and support is going to be phenomenal. Plus there isn’t another Social Media Guru I would want learn from or to calibrate to in this manner. Sam is absolutely my ‘soulmate mentor’ (for more than just content) and the further I go into starting my business, she is the main person I hope to have by my side. She is always two steps ahead of the pack, when it comes to successful and high performing content, that soars on multiple platforms. She teaches trending, plus, incredible evergreen strategies, and she really is a beautiful and brilliant mentor. If you’re stuck with content ideas, your current content feels lacklustre or just isn’t performing the way you desire, if you feel like you’re drowning in the ever growing online space... if you desire a bunch of like minded, motivated people- who are pretty much a personalised cheer squad (they also help pick you up if sh!t gets rough) and/or- if you are secretly dreaming of a miracle, in regards to someone to help you “sort it all out”- then ricochet you to your content goals- sign up to The Content Engine. It’ll change EVERYTHING!"

Liz Langford

Why should you listen to me? Lemme take a minute to introduce myself...

Hey Darling,  

I'm Sam and I've been working in the online space for the last 15 years and what you need to know about me is that I have never played by the rules.

When everyone was going left, I didn't even go right, I just went straight up...

When they all said that Facebook was the place to be I was rocking Instagram.

Right now "they" are all saying that TikTok is for kids, yet here is this 40yr old handling that platform LIKE A FUCKING BOSS!!

I was a half million times downloaded podcaster before podcasting was even cool and I've just crossed the MILLION views mark on Instagram Reels in just 15 weeks.

You see darling, content is MY thing.

3 things you need to know about me...

1 - I'm the original rebel (I literally have school reports that confirm this).

2 - I use the word fuck a lot...

3 - I'm in my 3rd year of running a 6 figure business and have seen and done it all.

Why is this important? Well, I'm the Leader of the Zero Fucks Squad and I wanna help you achieve all the shit your heart desires.

And even better, I'm going to show you how to do it your way, your vibe, zero fucks given...

MMIF Sam Bearfoot

Can't wait and don't wanna scroll no more because you already know you are FULL Badass and want in on this thang...

Yeah, I like your style...smash this button

Now take a breath, a big one cause I'm about to call you on your shit and it might sting a bit...

💜 Stop fucking about in Canva. Pretty graphics won't pay your bills UNLESS THEY HAVE PURPOSE!! Pretty graphics alone won't get you where you want to be however pretty graphics plus a solid content strategy will and you'll have this after spending time inside TCE's Kitchen.

🧡 Stop comparing yourself to other people you know dick all about. They have their path, you have yours, stick to it like shit to a blanket please. The Content Engine is going to help you not only define your social media path but be so confident with it, you'll never to compare yourself to others again.

💜 Stop posting random shite cause you've got no clue what you are fucking doing. After spending some time inside TCE's Kitchen, you'll never ask yourself "WTF do I post today" again, instead you'll be out there like the Boss that you are posting with your big girl panties on.

🧡 Stop cock blocking your damn genius because you're terrified of what others might think. You didn't start your business to win a popularity contest so stop acting like you are.

💜 Stop blaming the lack of growth of your business on algorithms and admit that your content is shit and actually do something about it. It's time to transform that shit content into Shit HOT content!!

🧡And lastly stop buying into more advance strategies and tech and other stuff that's simply not going to help you because you're skipping the basics! TCE is going to help you nail those basics so that you can begin to crush it on multiple social platforms.

Here are some more previous clients

"Working with Sam 1:1 is lovely! It’s like having a Business Mom who has your back AND gives gentle nudges to get you flying out of the nest with your newly strengthened business strategy and visibility wings.

She’s an especially great match if you’re coming in with any kind of a corporate background because she has one, too - and has done the work to deprogram and transition successfully into the online business space. If you’re wanting to do the same, while benefitting from her lessons learned that she authentically and generously shares, then make the investment to work with Sam! #samfan"

Kristen Battistelli, Life/Mindset Coach and Founder of The Good Shit Society

"LITERALLY my automatic go to now when I need content creation on my socials. Needed ideas for an IG stories ad........ total mind blank for me, 1/2 hr brain storm on zoom with Sam = and I KNOW it’s spot on for my business and relatable to my audience! Thanks, Sam x"

Jo Leahy, Helping busy WOMEN lose food guilt & lbs

Always remember...

Nothing changes, if nothing changes...

This is one of the quotes has a whole lot of truth to it, if you don't take the leap and try something new, you'll very likely find a permanent home on the hamster wheel of same ol, same ol results.

So here's the juicy bit are you going in or are you going in HARD...

The Content Engine

  • Access to The Kitchen
  • Access to The Engine Room
  • Access to The Dojo
  • Access to The Sales Suite
  • 3 Months FREE access to monthly hot seats
  • Lifetime access to The Content Engine

PLUS The new Video Template Engagement Bundle worth £99!

Investment from £50pm with the new extended payment plan!!

Yes I'm In Like A Total Boss!!

The Content Engine Extra AF

Only 10 3 spots available

  • Access to The Kitchen
  • Access to The Engine Room
  • Access to The Dojo
  • Access to The Sales Suite
  • 3 Months FREE access to monthly hot seats
  • Lifetime access to The Content Engine
  • VIP Style 1:1 60mins strategy session each month for 3 months
  • Plus some "reasonable use" DM voice note support as required

PLUS The new Video Template Engagement Bundle worth £99!

Investment from £333pm for 5 months or £1597 if payment in full

Here are some more previous clients

"Sam has an eye for the detail when it comes to marketing and all things online funnels and social media, whilst understanding the picture of what is needed. Traffic is key and sales are more important than vanity metrics to Sam. She is straight taking and loves helping people to get results."

Rebecca Robertson IFA   Wealth Creation Coach

"When I first approached Sam to help guide my new brand from concept to launch I had discussed my vision with 4 other marketing agencies. 2 seemed good and one wasn't clear but when I jumped on a one to one call with Sam it was instantly crystal how much she understood the mindset and mechanics of brand awareness and taking idea to reality. Within an hour we discussed everything I had concerns over and what I was lacking. Within the first week of launch my brand grew in thousands of new fans and valued customers which gave me so much confidence to grow and focus on creating sales and moving my launch into real growth. Not only is Sam a very intelligent marketer she is one badass business woman and anyone who works with this fantastic individual will be in very safe and reliable hands."

Steve Beedie   Unspoken Wounds

"I was so busy keeping up to date with production that my social media fell by the wayside, randomly I would jump in with no real focus or mission in some vein bid to be seen. Sam made me realise that without a presence on social media I would continue serving the same group of Clients, that I needed to spread my wings and let the world know I was here. Sam’s approach to to business is very hands on and practical making it very easy to sea the way forward that gets so easily lost in the day to day needs of getting the Clients work done. How did I never think “I am making this for a Client, why don’t I record it?” have a batch of videos on file for blogging – Sam did and now I do!"

Claire Hulott   Chulo Naturals

It's RECAP Time!

Here's everything you are getting in The Content Engine.


Access to The Kitchen

This Room is dedicated to helping you get out of your own way here and cook up a content storm! You'll come out of The Kitchen knowing exactly what your content is going to be about, why it's important and how you're going to delivery it in the most confident way.


Access to The Engine Room

Zero waste content is where it's at! This Room is there to help your content work smarter so that you don't have to work harder. You'll leave this room a fully fledged repurposing badass.


Access to The Dojo

This is where social media tech Ninjas are born! Inside here you'll find various platform specific and apps and software tutorials to help you on your social media quest. You'll never use the excuse, "because I don't know how to do it" again EVER!!


Access to The Sales Suite

The Sales Suite is the newest addition to The Content Engine and it's where I bring together all the training in previous rooms and help you create your master sales and engagement plan! Inside you will find a walkthrough tutorial from me but also templates you can use and adapt for yourself. This combined with examples of other peoples social media that sell really well to help inspire you into sales action!!


Access to 3 x Monthly Hot Seats

This is exclusively for the members of The Content Engine. Inside each Zoom stlye Hot Seat you can network, ask questions or get feedback on your business related ideas and queries etc. I will be there hosting each Hot Seat and can answer any and all your questions so you get some direct feedback from me.

You Ready To Become A Content Ninja....