⚠️WARNING! TIKTOK is highly addictive⚠️

You've heard the buzz and seen the hype

Your business besties are on it. Your kids are on it. Even the sodding neighbour is on it..

But there you are, stuck, simply because you just don't know how to create your very first TikTok!

Get ready to not only create your very first TikTok but you're gonna drop it like it's hot just like the pros do!!

You'll fall in love with the app once I've shown you around

Discover how to find music and trends

How to target your audience with hashtags

Get super confident creating videos as I teach you editing 101

Can't wait and don't wanna scroll no more? Yeah I like your style, here's the sign up button! #nofluffneeded

PS this is totally FREE!!

Ok, Ok Let's Do This!

Hey Darling,  

I'm Sam and I've been working in the online space for the last 14 years and I have a prediction.  

TikTok will become the next major platform to grow and scale your brand in 2020 and beyond! Yup that's a biggie right? In 2019 we saw TikTok start attracting some of the big hitters Gary V, Will Smith, Jason Stone and literally this week (at the time I wrote this) Kylie Jenner!

Now here's what I know about you.  

You've downloaded TikTok but have no sodding idea how to create your very first video? I mean HTF do you do it? They've not made it easy for newbies have they?

You're also thinking, I don't dance, I don't lip sync and you are NOT, repeat NOT going to make a prat of yourself UNLESS you love it...

I sat on this platform trying to figure it out myself for too many months BUT not any more because I've cracked the code!!

I racked up my first 10K followers and 850K views in my first 6 weeks. 

You ready to get started cause I've got one SUPER fun challenge to get you started!

How about Me and You over 5 days doing this thang TOGETHER!!! Plus I'm giving you a mini course to cover all the technical shit that's getting in your way?

MMIF Sam Bearfoot

So What Are Ya Getting Exactly?

Lets Dive In As There Are Two Pieces To This Ride...

🔥 Your FREE - How to Launch TikTok Like A Pro mini course! 🔥

Here's what else you get!

  • App walk through so you're confident on how to use it
  • The For You page and how to find music
  • Editing - how to record, edit and make your first TikTok
  • Hashtags - how to find them and use the ones right for your audience
  • And SO much more...

🔥 The 5 Day TikTok Challenge 🔥

Over the course of the 5 days (or you can cram it, your choice!) I'm going to give you daily tasks to do on TikTok, these will include things like...

  • Creating your very own playlist to tap in and out of
  • Gather up all your favourite effects and filters
  • Create some very specific TikToks - yup I'm gonna push you out that comfort zone here - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  • And soooooo much more.

Holy Shit Balls, I'm In!